Friday, September 9, 2011

Walking and Hanging Out On Limbs (Me mixing metaphors again)

I was walking down the street today feeling fairly humiliated via my own doing and I did a quick Facebook mobile post: "Someday I'm going to grow up." What I actually meant was "Someday, I'm going to mature in my Christian walk and stop embarrassing myself continually." You see, the problem with doing what I'm doing, is that all the fruit is out on the limb. I'm spending an inordinate amount of time looking like a monkey, and constantly falling out of the tree.

So yeah, walking down the street, thinking that I'm done putting myself out there, at least until I get over this most recent boo boo, when I turn up the next street and I see my guy that I prayed for get up out of his wheelchair and walk out to the corner to meet me. And then I thought, "Yep, pretty much worth it." So what if I mess up and fall on my face some more. My ego takes a hit, but that's probably a good thing. I'm stumbling but he's walking.

So he yells out from up the street, "Hello honey, how are you?" I said "I'm good how are YOU?" "Reeeeeeeal good, how far do you walk every day?" I told him eight miles. "Eight miles! I'd be happy if I could walk one mile, but I got this far!" And his wife was out too and I'd never talked to her before, but she was wanting to pray together so we stood out on the corner and prayed, then she told me all about how he was doing. He's in progress.

I'm in progress too, I'm gonna keep on truckin. God's cool with the process. Parents watching their children learn to walk don't get upset every time the kid falls down. God's not up there going "Stupid kid's never gonna get it. She should just stop trying. What a moron." That'd be ludicrous. No, He's smiling and holding out a steady hand and picking me back up when I'm down by showing me something that went right. The proud Papa.

When I left my guy, he announced "I'm gonna walk up there! And then I'm coming right back here! (Pointing to the next street - how many times have I heard little kids say that!) "Good plan. Don't overdo it." I said. Afterwards I walked up on a group talking about me. "Seneca? She's out there." I walked up behind the person and said "Yeah, I am out there." I'm finding my next limb.

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