Monday, September 26, 2011

Tired Lil' Radicals

The Healing Rooms Ministries in Spokane put on their annual Spiritual Hunger Conference last we so we went up for that and crashed at a friend's place. Healing Rooms teams from all over the world fly in for this thing, and then there are people like us with no affiliation that just come for a good time. Speakers were Bill and Beni Johnson, Cal Pierce, Jim White and others with Kelanie Gloecker doing worship.

You gotta be there at 8 am and you're getting back 10:30 at night, all us out-of-towners are crashed at my friend's. She said she didn't have any furniture so it was air-bed city. I was out in the hallway/stairwell and my roommate prays out loud in her sleep. Intercession going all night. I got tired by Thurs night. Thursday morning some guy came over and told us we should go to John G Lake's grave, told us there are angels there. He then handed us a map. We all agreed that was something we oughta go do. John G Lake started the Healing Rooms in Spokane and on the way there, my friend who lives there was telling us about a dog that got run over and they laid the dog on the grave site and it was resurrected.

We got to the graveyard and started walking around, we had no idea where to go. Jill and Jeanette are the better "feelers" and they were walking around with their hands out walking toward the power. Kinda like the hot/cold game. I kept going to a tree, but it wasn't his headstone. I kept looking toward that tree though. Turned out I was just on the wrong side of the tree. So we soaked up all the impartation we had time to get, and we were wondering how far away this extended. I said it had to be a 50 foot radius of Holy Spirit action, so one of em walked right and the other walked left. Jeanette paced it off. 50 feet exactly, or as exact as shoe measuring gets.

Friday, there was a workshop we decided to skip in favor of taking a nap, but we wound up going to Medical Lake instead. We got in in our conference clothes, oh well, it was fun. I got super drunk in the Spirit and Mom thought for sure someone was going to have to collect me from the bottom of the lake. The last thing I was able to say was, "I gotta get in a little deeper." I didn't realize God was gonna take that statement symbolically. I was laughing and shrieking and tears and not being able to breathe for laughing. We were not the only people there.

An hour of laughing later, we're back at the conference and Jim White gets drunk in the Spirit taking the offering, then the band gets hit, Cal Pierce gets up to speak and can't. He slides down behind the podium laughing, so Jim takes the mic and says "Here's Bill". Bill Johnson gets up, I thought he was gonna lose it there for a minute but he was able to stay up. And it was a good thing too cause 40 people got their metal rods and plates removed including this lady I prayed for.
Credit to Jill Ricci for the photo.

We got back late and we were tired and hungry. Everybody is lined up on the couch eating zuchinni bread and not saying a word. My friend walks in, looks at us, "How can such peaceful people be so radical?"

Saturday morning I went in for the morning prayer. There was some lady on the floor laughing, I stepped over her to get to the book table. When I came back she was still going and she'd got a hold of somebody's legs and was passing it on to him. From there it went person to person and they got a drunken huddle together, so we went up and got in on it. It got bigger and bigger and when my friend walked in, she had seen this so many times at our house she was sure Jill and I instigated the whole thing. Nope, not us, not this time. Later on after the morning session, the laughing lady grabbed me and hugged me, told me she loved me. I said "I love you too, God bless and stay whacked." She said that they had prayed for her to receive the joy of the Lord the night before and she had been like this ever since. My laugh muscles hurt today as I write this, so I can only imagine how she's feeling by now.

And Saturday night? One big drunk fest. Cal got to talk for a little while, actually, he was up there unnecessarily long because nobody was listening at the end. I started out laughing at other people, someone laid hands on me and then it was an authentic drunkenness which is way more fun, but hard on the abs. This is NOT how it went last year.

The point of me telling you all this stuff, and there's plenty that I'm leaving out,is that you aren't going to get this at home. There is a trend of doing church on the internet or tv, and that's really an awesome thing, I'm not knocking it at all. If you can't get there in person, by all means, but there are people doing live streaming when they are in the same town. And I know, that all the things I did and experienced here is not everyone's cup of tea, but whatever your cup of tea is, I guarantee you are supposed to get out and interact with the rest of the body of Christ. There comes a point where you don't need another good sermon. Some of you have had decades of those. You need God in your life, you need to feel the tangible glory, not just head knowledge. You need people who can put the missing pieces in your puzzle, and people who can pray for you. Go outside and be sociable. And here's a video for those who need the "drunk in the Spirit" bit explained to them. He got it for the first time about like I did. All by myself, praying.

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