Friday, August 19, 2011

What Your Car Says About You

I've heard that Doug Addison has taken the basic principles of dream interpretation and started applying them to interpreting tattoos. There's obviously the symbology in the subject matter of the tattoo, but what body part, right side vs left all says something too. Just another way to get people in the world to realize that their life has purpose and that they're gifted and called.

I started branching out from dreams too, around the beginning of the year, but what I've been doing is interpreting vehicles. In dreams, your vehicle represents your ministry, your calling, the current level of anointing or spiritual power you're operating in in that season of your life. We don't generally get too detailed about it in dreams, (is it a car, truck, boat, and what color). You can be running around in anything in a dream, but in real life, it's much more practical and logical so we have to look deeper. I apologize if this gets too far out there, you're gonna need your prophetic goggles and your metaphorical thinking cap to follow this stuff.

This all started around the beginning of the year when I got the car that I have now, and I realized that it was all too weird and God must've been involved. Why that car? I'd also had a prophetic word from someone about a new car and it played out exactly as he said, but silly us, we thought it was about ministry. But 1 Corinthians 15:44-49 says that first things happen in the natural, then it happens in the spiritual. So I really started to look at what it all meant. It's an '07 Chevy Impala, red. I knew there was something with the Impala, so I looked that up. It means "graceful" but the really interesting thing about Impalas, is that unlike a lot of desert animals, they're completely dependent upon water. Water is symbolic of Holy Spirit. They're used as an indicator. If you're out in the bush, and you see Impalas, they will lead you to water. (Side note: I've always lived near water. Usually right along a river.)

Red means a lot of things, passion, enthusiasm, zeal, excitement (I do tend to overwhelm some people) speed, prophetic anointing and evangelism. The number 7 is completeness, wholeness, but I think for me what rings a bell is forgiveness. (Forgive 70 X 7) I'm pretty big on forgiveness right now. Might even be how I got this car.

This is my friend's "65 Dodge Dart. Pretty easy. He's dodging the fiery darts of the enemy. (Ephesians 6:16) He'll even tell you how to do it here. Even the hood is painted like a shield with the white running down it. White represents purity and righteousness and that's why the accusations don't hold up. He's actually had people pour tar-like stuff over the car and it didn't stick. 65 means the wild olive. Romans 11:17 & 24. He's grafted in and bearing fruit. The red in his case might be more about the warrior aspect, leadership, strength. If you see people driving classic cars as their primary vehicle, they've put invested a lot to get where they are. (Time and effort and/or money)

Lets look at another one. A green '97 Honda Civic, but what she really wants is a Honda Odyssey. I Googled Honda, depending on what site you look at, it means "the edge of the fields" or "from the original rice paddy." Either way, there's a harvest thing going on. If it's the rice paddy deal, you can't harvest without being in the water. (There's that Holy Spirit reference again.) Edge of the fields is like evangelism to the edges of society. The outcasts, the fringe people, civic pertains to your city. Green means young, inexperienced, growth. 97 means pure, free from fraud, without mixed motives. What's this got to do with my friend? She has a youth ministry and a street ministry, which overlap quite a bit, homeless people, addicts, kids with problems...

But she wants a Honda Odyssey, she needs to be able to haul the kids around. We don't have a color or a year to work with, but I think I see a slate blue one coming up for her. It's still a Honda, so it's still about the harvest, but Odyssey means a long eventful journey. We could leave it at that, but when I think odyssey, I think Homer's Odyssey. He was sailing. That's water and wind. Spirit travel. She's very interested in Bruce Allen's teachings. He's the translation by faith guy. Being able to travel supernaturally and preach the gospel kinda like Phillip and how he got to the Ethiopian eunuch. Slate blue is a mix of blue and grey, so wisdom and revelation, communion with God, prophetic gifting, maturity, stability, honor.

Ok, so that's all well and good, but the above people are yielded to God and stepping into their destiny regardless. What about the average ordinary person who doesn't have a clue about destiny or gifts or that they're even called? We got a Hyundai Tiburon, year unknown, belongs to an early 20's male. He's the "now generation", probably has awesome discernment, as well as unsurpassable ability to move in the Spirit. He might not be crazy about God at this point, but when it happens, he's gonna have no problem catching up to those who've been following God forever. He's gonna have a strong revelation of his authority in Jesus and he's gonna be one dangerous dude with that. That doesn't seem like revelation for sharing with him, so I can just pray into this, and declare it and be happy.

So how do you get all this? Google the meaning of the name of the car. and Wikipedia are also your friends. For the year, just go with the last one or two digits. If it's not a normal bible number like 7, then I go to Strongs and look up the number there. The Greek usually works better. Colors? I have a color symbolism card from here. She has a ton of different symbol cards and will cost you way too much money, but the color card is an investment. I use mine daily.

The definitions are not the interpretation. If that were true, everybody with a green Honda Civic would have the same calling and we know that's not the case. The definitions are clues, you need to let Holy Spirit pull it all together for you and know what to keep and what to lose. You can get into the smaller details too, emblems, (the newer Chryslers have wings) stickers, what kind of crap they got hanging off the mirror. Anything they call attention to, like the hood on the Dodge Dart, pay attention to that. Lots of stuff hanging on the rearview mirror? - Hung up on the past. Vanity plates? That's got to do with identity, either they're open about who they are, or it's a false front.

Ok, ya get it? Good! Go for it!


  1. Thanks for adding the link. hope people get something good out of it.

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  3. I looked at the one I could find and it has it. I don't even know what that thing is...

  4. Can you tell me about my car i cant figure out what it means?? it was bought from a car wreck i got in outa nowhere this beer truck rearended me gave me whiplash and i got enough money to buy it and when i seen it at that time i didnt want nothing else!, its a red pontiac GTO Year 2004.

  5. Ok, this is pretty cool, Pontiac was a warrior chief and that gets confirmed because one of the meanings of the color red is also warrior. The 2004 GTO was what they called a "revival" :):) First one since the 60's and 70's and that was during the Jesus movement. I could go into a whole lot there, but basically the counter culture was coming to Jesus, the last people you'd expect. Wasn't about a church or denomination or a particular revivalist, all about Jesus. 2004 in the Strong's Greek means "to command, give order, charge," there's that warrior chief aspect again. Got to do with using your authority in Christ.

    GTO - "The name, which was DeLorean's idea, was inspired by the Ferrari 250 GTO, the successful race car. It is an Italian abbreviation for Gran Turismo Omologato, (exact translation is Grand Tourer Homologated) which means officially certified for racing in the Grand tourer class. The name drew protest from purists, who considered it close to sacrilege." -Wikipedia

    Ok, Acts 20:24: "However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace." There may be those who are going to say that what you do is sacrilege, because of your faith levels or because of your associations (remember Jesus hung out with sinners), I'm not sure, but I see where this is going and it's bound to ruffle some feathers.

    Red - warrior (have you got this yet? :):) Nahum 2:3
    "The shields of the soldiers are red; the warriors are clad in scarlet. The metal on the chariots flashes on the day they are made ready;" ( Cars are kinda like chariots) Red is also wisdom, anointing, power, evangelism (can't have revival without evangelism) passion, speed, energy, fire...

    The 4 also represents the 4 corners of the earth, there's your sphere of influence lol, ruling and reigning is what my friend would tell you. It's also creativity.

    So, I declare that you will rise up as a mighty warrior and a commander in God's army and you will reveal His glory and grace to people everywhere. You have an ability to connect with people, even to draw them because you are real and not a phony Christian. I declare you will come into such a revelation of who you are in Christ that the enemy shudders when your feet hit the floor in the morning.