Sunday, August 7, 2011

Listening Lessons

I have a friend who hears God very well at all times. Hanging out with him is like going to lunch with someone who brings their imaginary friend along. There's a three way conversation going and I'm out of the loop unless he wants to clue me in. He navigates completely by the Spirit and I use a Tom-Tom. I'm jealous. I want to be able to hear like that and I've told God so. Occasionally I do hear very well and can have a conversation and this was one of those times. He said the reason I was not hearing at that level was because my obedience was not at that level and He didn't want to have to judge me for all the times I would not obey. As I become more and more yeilded, I'll hear better and better. It all comes back to being faithful with what little you have.

So I felt like I was supposed to go pray for this woman that I don't know in another state. I'm gonna obey now even though it costs me my only day off because I want to hear better. So once I committed to this, I got what I believe was a very detailed word of knowledge for her so I attempted to set this up through a friend. The woman could not understand why I would drive two hours for her and was not willing to bend her schedule for me so I bagged it. She was free today though, so I went, but I just wasn't feeling it. It was like that window of opportunity for healing had passed and I should've gone when I was told to go. (Not that it won't happen for her.) He told me that if I had gone, He would've worked it out for us. God seems to care about timing. Nothing I could do but repent and go anyway because it can't hurt to try. So I made plans for today to hang out with a friend and do the Mt Sinai thing up a hill overlooking his town, so even if things didn't go right with her, it wouldn't be a total waste of my time.

I intended to leave my house at 7. On my way out the door, the phone rang. It's my prophetic artist friend who is having a crazy revelatory weekend, something like 50-60 new pictures just came to her. To the left is one of my favorites. So she's telling me everything new and I'm loving it and end up leaving a half hour later than I wanted to.

I hit the road and after a few miles I feel impressed to pray. I'm going to town in tongues for awhile rather than try to guess what this is all about, when I come up on an overturned mini-van in he other lane. In the oncoming lane is a pickup coming around the corner so I hit the brakes and so do they, and they stop in the ditch. I keep going until I can find a safe place to stop and I grab my phone and run back to the wreck. (As good a person in flip-flops can run.)

When I got there, the people in the pickup were pulling a woman out through the sunroof. She was all right, very upset, I rebuked trauma and declared peace in Jesus' name and took off. The others were committed to staying with her.

As if the day hadn't gotten off to a crazy enough start, when I got almost to my friends town, I saw a burning bush. I kid you not, and it was not a vision, there was an actual bush totally in flames with no appearance of anything else on fire around it. It was just like I always pictured Moses seeing. I looked at that thing and thought "Man, we gotta get up on that hill right now!" A whole string of fire trucks and police were heading out of town as I came in.

So we did our thing on the hill, definitely had God's presence with us, got some revelation for the area, and prayed for the lady, for whatever that was worth. Then I ran into more fire on the way home. I'm glad I went, even if none of it worked out the way it was supposed to. I may have got out of time in one area, but was right on for other stuff. Thanks for calling me Jeanette!


  1. The Beautiful thing about God's Grace is that, even in the times that we don't redily hear His voice and respond, in Love, He still will use us because He sees into our heart and knows we are but dust. The other really wonderful attribute of God is that He can REDEEM EVERYTHING! NOTHING, absolutely nothing is lost. I'd say that you were in the right place at the right moment and everything went just as God planned. After all, He does work all things out for our good and the good of those we encounter!

  2. that was my post seneca. Donna Napolitano

  3. Lol! I agree! It's nice to know that no matter what I screw up I can just get right back in there.