Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Look Close...

My friend Cindy sent me this email:

" This is one of the pics of my baby boy.  Do you see the angel in it?  I swear I see an angel in his face. :)"

This is Elias. Without going into all the details, there was some question of whether he was going to be ok.  There were a lot of prayers going out for this kid, so when I saw the angel she's talking about, I was blown away by how good God is.  Not just that He would give the baby a clean bill of health, (the doctor said everything is fine) but that He would also give us that visual confirmation.

There are people who would criticize things like this, saying we need a sign to believe, but in all these kinds of things I haven't found that to be the case.  On the contrary, stuff like this seems to be God's response to faith that's already firmly in place.  Yes, it's confirmation, reassurance and makes us really happy, but it wasn't necessary.  We were doing fine just standing on God's word.

So I looked at this photo and saw the angel right away.  I look at a lot of photos from people and have what I thought was a trained eye for that kind of thing, but then along comes my sister and she says there's three angels in there.  I made her show me, she pointed them all out, I couldn't see.  She told me all about their clothes, I still can't see.  "Well I see three."  She stands there very matter of fact with her hands on her hips defying me to argue.  Aaaaarhg!  I wanna see!  And so, my seer friends who might be reading this, if you see anything, we wanna know!

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