Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"He's Really Really Nice"

I am on vacation, we flew away on Sunday.  I actually find planes relaxing.  I feel really safe and comfortable on a plane, but there's not a lot to do up there.  I had 3 books, a magazine and an ipod but I opted to just sit and listen to God.  Not praying, not asking questions, just opening up my spirit.  There are definitely times when this is easier than others and that was an easy time.  What I got was all love, no heavy revvies, just all about how much He loves me.

So that mademe cry, and in the beginning, nobody was paying any attention to me other than some flight attendandants may have noticed.  I chose to not worry about other people and just stay in that place of receptivity.  However, I was in an aisle seat at the back of the plane where the line for the bathroom forms and then there were all these people with nothing to do for the next 2-3 minutes but check me out.  Mike (my husband was getting uncomfortable because he thinks some of them are giving him accusing looks.  I gotta get it together. 

Then after the plane ride, I got persistant questions so Mike attempts to help explain. 
"She's really really religious."  Oooo, don't ever call me that!  Religion is rituals and traditions and rules and man's idea of how to get to God.  It actually takes you further away from God because religion says that if you do the stuff, then youre good with God.  It completely diminishes the relationship aspect which is everything.  Jesus was so unreligious. 

So I'm setting him straight when another voice chimes in to help me.  "She's spiritual!"  Yes, I'm spiritual, not religious.  I'm a walking cliche, I know. 

Then I tried to simply explain that I was just listening to God and "He's really really nice." 
"Oh, so you were scared of flying?"
"No, I wasn't praying.  I was listening." 
Foreign concept.  They still think I'm the one doing all the talking.  One says to the other; "Don't you ever talk to God?  I talk to Him all the time."  The other said, "I talked to Him the other night when the cops were after me."  I smiled and said "Yes, but do you ever let Him get a word in edgewise?"  No comment.  I'm not sure she even heard me so I guess that answers that.  Are you too afraid to let Him talk because you think He's gonna tell you what a big sinner you are?  That's the wrong voice.  God is not mad at you.  He's not even dissappointed.  He's wildly in love with you and He's really really nice.  But you do have to open up your heart and let Him tear down the walls.  It's not easy and it's probably not convienient.  Leads to having breakdowns on planes.  Might as well switch to waterproof mascara now.  He's worth it.

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