Monday, April 11, 2011

What Door Are You Pointed At?

I was at a conference last week and we were moteling it, and while I was there, I had a dream that I kept going in the wrong door.  I couldn't tell until I went in, that I had gone in the wrong door, so then I'd go out and then into another wrong door.  This continued until I reasoned out that I had parked my car in front of the right door, so all I had to do was go back outside, look for my car, and see what door it was pointing at.

In dreams, your vehicle usually represents your ministry, doors are opportunities.  This could either be what they call a "current condition" dream, or a "warning" dream.  Since I haven't had much in the way of options lately, I'm guessing that this is a warning that some opportunities coming at me and I need to be discerning about what doors I go through.  I'm somebody that seizes opportunities and I'll say yes, because everything sounds good.  That movie "Yes Man?" That's my movie.  I tend to get involved in more things than a person should.  But God is not the author of confusion, and He's given me that strategy in advance through a dream for knowing where to go and what to do. 

So how do you look where you're pointed?  I've pulled out my prophetic words that others have spoken over my life, my own personal mission statement, and stuff out of my dream journal that I feel is destiny related.  It's good to review all that stuff periodically.  Any opportunities that don't line up are probably not doors that I need to go through.

But what if you don't have all that stuff?   I realize that some of you don't know what your ministry is or even that you have one, but I assure you that we are all supposed to be making a positive impact on the people around us in our own special way.  Some clues that indicate what you're supposed to be doing include your gifts, talents, skills and resources that have been made available to you.  Look at what makes you unique.  Things like your background, upbringing, people in your life, where you grew up, have all shaped your destiny.  I had a very unusual childhood and from that, I've learned not to base my self-worth on what people say about me and I'm comfortable around a wide range of people.  It's coming in handy.

The hard times that you've gone through are another indicator.  What you overcome, you have authority over and are able to minister to others that are where you were.  My friend saw angels as a child but was told it was just her imagination, so now she has a youth ministry where she helps kids uncover and grow in their giftings and validates them and helps them to work into their own mini-ministries.  I wish I would've had someone like her when I was a kid.  I wouldn't have had to go looking for answers in the occult world, but I did and from my knowledge of that, I feel like I can help others in the occult world switch over to Spirit-filled Christianity much more gracefully than I did.

What are you already doing?  What comes naturally to you that is valuable to other people?  What are people coming to you for help with?  There's sometimes a tendency for people to pigeon hole you into things though, if you helped out with cooking for a bake sale once, you're going to get asked forever-after anytime there's food involved.  Doesn't mean that's your ministry, but it could be.  You're gonna like and be challenged by what you're supposed to be doing.

Something I felt that the Lord said to me when I was going to write this, is that a big problem with most people is that they are too busy.  You need to clear some space if you're going to follow God.  You have to have time for Him to get a word in edgewise and then you have to be freed up to go do what He says.  You have to get rid of all the extra stuff.  That may mean hobbies, church busywork, personal ambitions and things that won't really matter in the long run.  Be a Mary, not a Martha.  God told me awhile back that if I would just let go, everything would still get done and He was right.  I stopped striving and other people stepped up.  Doesn't mean there wasn't a rough transition as there is any time responsibility changes hands.  You gotta look the other way when someone gets it done differently than the way you do it.  There are a lot of things that need to be done, but just because you see a need, doesn't mean it's your job to fulfill it.  You may be taking someone else's position.

I mentioned my personal mission statement earlier.  There is an audiobook by Dean Sikes called Discover Your Destiny.  It was on the free podcast, but isn't anymore, you can pay $22 for it on Sid Roth's site or it's only $5 on Deans website.  So I  thought I could offer you a free download but alas, no more.   Anyway, he has 2 questions that you have to answer, and from those answers you write up a mission statement of what you are supposed to be doing.  $5 is a small price to pay for clarity.

And if you still don't know what to go toward, just go toward Jesus.  That's supposed to be our numero uno priority anyway.   Everything else will fall into place.

In the free department:  Follow Your Favor by Danny Silk
Graces and Places by Keith Moore

Need to learn dream interpretation? Here's a good site. Just want someone to interpret them for you? Here's another.

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