Sunday, April 3, 2011

God Heals Dogs Too

Ok, I got three dog stories for ya.  I'll start with my dog Zoe.  She has had a rough life and she was waking up in the middle of the night and howling.  Not howling like "there's something outside" howling, but going straight from snoring to howling and then taking off running.  She sleeps with us, so this involves us being trampled.  It was getting tough on my husband and I who have to get up at 5am and go to work.  Anyway, she got healed/delivered off a word of knowledge on Sid Roth's radio program.  Zoe and I were in the car and Sid's guest was giving a very detailed word and I was sure it was for a person, but he was describing Zoe perfectly.  I said "That's you Zoe,"  and her eyes met mine in the rearview mirror.  I didn't have faith for that, but I didn't get into doubt either because I promptly forgot all about it.  We all had a good night's sleep that night, and the next night, and the night after that.  Then I remembered and thought "Wow, maybe she did get healed."  About a week later, she sat up and howled again.  I sat up and with much exasperation said "Zoe!  You're supposed to be healed!"  And we haven't heard a peep out of her since, unless of course something actually is outside.

I really believe that if I hadn't sat up and said that, we would've been right back to all the howling.  We have to fight to retain our healing, even though God gives it, Satan is right there looking for an opportunity to come in and cause you to go "Oh, I guess that wasn't real, we just caught a break for a little while."  We have to take a stand.

My friend's dog Gunner (Gunny) was coughing up blood and the local vet couldn't figure it out.  My friend asked God to reveal it and he had a vision of his two dogs running through a field that they had been to the week previous, and he remembered pulling a bunch of star grass out of the other dog's coat.  He decided Gunny must have inhaled some of it and it was tearing up his lung.

So they drove him 125 miles to a place with the technology to look in there and extract the grass.  And they were praying of course, and the vet got him sedated and had the star grass visible on the monitor and was preparing to suck it out when it vanished off the screen.  The vet said "I dont know what happened.  It was there and now it's not."  My friend of course told him what happened.  The vet sent Gunny home with antibiotics and a follow up appointment and said that he would still be coughing blood because they didn't get it out.  And I know you guys all know that Gunny was absolutely fine.

So the same dog ate a rug and had to have surgery.  He didn't bounce back.  The vet called and told them they better come see him because he wasn't going to make it.  They opted to just bring him home.  My friend said at 3:00 in the morning, he woke up to a heavy evil presence.  He got up and laid hands on the dog and prayed.  After an hour of praying, he felt it lift and he went back to bed.  When he got up in the morning, Gunny was up and around.  He was fully recovered within a week and the atheist vet is having a hard time with this.

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