Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Stickin' Stuff To the Wall By Faith?

An aquaintance posted a video on Facebook of her husband sticking coins on the wall with nothing but the power of God holding them.  I'll link you here. They'd drop 2-3 times and then he'd get em to stick. Wrap your theology around that!  Anyway, the whole thing erupted in a debate of whether or not this is cool with God, whether or not it is God, etc.  On the yay side, they argue that it's faith building, it's how you work up to moving mountains, on the nay side, God's power should be used for serious business only, what's the point of doing that, that must be another spirit.

I honestly don't know what to think except it looked like fun.  I know that it's not something I would invest time and energy into, but I tried it.  I was hoping for a dime in my pocket cause that's the lightest but I only had pennies and quarters so I stuck a penny.  It took me 4-5 tries.  Then I stood there with my mouth open looking at it.  Crazy.

He decided to get fancy and challenge the laws of physics in the latest video.
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Update 4/26:  Once a week the extended family gets together for Sunday night supper.  My seven year old nephew was running around on a two-cupcake and piece of pie high and Mom gave him a hand full of pennies so I showed him this.  He was saying "Stick in the name of Jesus" and slapping them on the wall as fast as he could.  It was highly entertaining, total faith man.  What else was entertaining was watching everybody else watch him.  Shock and awe.  I said "Hey, now that you know you can do that with Jesus, you can just put your hand on people and say "Be healed in the name of Jesus" and they'll get better.  "Ok!" and off he goes... turbo faith.

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