Friday, April 15, 2011

Hospital Visitors

 My friend had a little problem the other day which entitled her to a hospital visit.  We all prayed of course and I was/am sure that she's fine, but they wanted to keep her overnight in the hospital.  Drag.  Some mutual friends had prayed for an angelic visitation for her since she had to be in there and she wound up seeing three angels.  She saw them as orbs.  The nurses wanted to know what "those lights" were.

God is so fun!  Are you guys getting that this should be normal Christianity?  Remember in Acts when they were having a prayer meeting for Peter because he was in jail and then he was outside beating on the door to get in but they said  "Oh no, that can't be Peter, it's just his angel?"  It was easier for them to believe that they were seeing an angel that looked like Peter than actual Peter.  Seeing angels must have been pretty run of the mill, at least in the prayer and worship setting.

Also, you might notice that my friends asked God to send angels to her.  This subject keeps coming up amongst people I talk to.  The idea of whether we can, or should command angels.  Most people are very uneasy with the idea, some say we can, and one guy said he has no problem with it as long as what he is saying lines up with scripture. Whatever that means.   This whole idea of commanding angels had never even occurred to me.  It's not something I would think to do in a crisis.  I know who my source is.

I just have not found this in scripture.  I gotta say that Jesus is perfect theology.  He is our example in all things.  Jesus said "Do you think that I cannot appeal to my Father and He will at once put at my disposal more than 12 legions of angels?" Matt 26:53.  Jesus would've asked for angelic help.  Based on that I don't think I would be bossing my angel around.  We know that we have authority over the bad angels (demons) so I can see where this idea comes from.   I also think that God gives us a lot of grace where we don't know any better, so don't worry.  Overstepping is probably better than under utilizing your authority.  Just my two cents.

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