Monday, March 18, 2013

Filming Angels

Hi all, we've just wrapped up a weekend prophetic retreat.  House full of girls for 3 days. Par-Tay!  We had a lot of angelic activity while we were all together so I was having fun videoing with my phone.  We have a lot on camera.  Most of it is sorta personal but I do have this clip to share of Del playing the keyboard.  You're looking for little orbs whizzing around the room.  There are a few in the beginning and then bigger and better around the 4 minute mark onward (I think).  (Vid is less than 7 mins.)

If you have your doubts I suggest you film your own.  I take lots of supernatural photos, it's not that hard.  You do usually need to have digital equipment.  Perry Stone gave an explanation of why digital picks up the spirit realm but I can't remember what he said.  There is nothing like having pictures and video that you shot, that you know is not a fake. 

Just because you see orbs, don't automatically assume angels.  I can take as many orb photos at a new age shop as I can church.  Recently we were up at the headwaters of the Sacramento river and a friend was taking pictures with spectacular orb shots.  I know that we had protection there, but based on the feeling and influences, I would not assume they were entirely angelic beings. 

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