Saturday, November 24, 2012

Treading Awfully Close to the Lines

I know I haven't updated for a while, so here's a quick note to let you know where I'm at.  I've decided to reopen a former business.  What's that got to do with God you ask?  Plenty.  Marketplace and ministry are colliding in a messy as ever dilemma. I know there's no such thing as a secular business for me, just not sure where the lines are.  But I know there are plenty of lines I can cross.

The aforementioned business is Freedom Flowers, my flower essence company.  Flower essences are not the same as essential oils.  It would be much easier if they were, because essential oils are understood and accepted by the church.  Flower essences, on the other hand are generally considered "witchcraft" or "new age". And they have a point.  The new age community has been the sole embracers of essences in modern times and all of the writing we have on them is from that perspective. However, God made these things and I'm taking it back.  I so see my Fathers hand in these, they are so deeply spiritual, all of them heal wounds and tear down walls and call the person back to Him. 

The business before, I was shaky and afraid and had no Christian support.  My closest allies were animal psychics, new age shop keepers, mediums...  How do I stand by myself in the midst of this?  I had to take some time off and get to know Papa better. 

So back at it, not even for a week, and my friend, my teacher, my spiritual mom is already having to stick up for me.  She says "I need to have a way to answer these people".  I had a dream that we were on trial for witchcraft and our lawyer was quoting from Luke 11, starting where Satan can't cast out Satan.  There's our answer.  That simple dream freed me immensely.  One of the issues I had in the past was the thought that if I was focusing on essences, it meant that i believed traditional healing and deliverance wasn't enough.  Maybe I was focusing on the wrong thing.  I had tentatively referred to them as "bottled deliverance" and felt guilty for making a connection like that.  Now, I'm seeing it as a covert way, for those who would not go for prayer, who don't actually believe in the demonic, to receive help.  And I'm going after the strongman. :)

So yeah, there's some opposition. You see, all of those fears that Christians in the know have about these are somewhat justified.  When you make a flower essence, it becomes very apparent that its not anything you're doing, you become cognizant of a much higher power.  You are simply the facilitator, hanging around during the process.  Who the essence maker turns to in that moment of awestruck worship, ultimately becomes a part of the end product.  There can be incantations on them, absolutely intended to transfer to you.  You do want to know your source. 

I'm finding it interesting that as soon as I said yes to reopening, I get invited to go talk about these things at Mt Shasta, which is sort of the mecca for flower essences.  Lots of flower essence companies and practitioners springing up in that area, mostly via info from channeling the local territorial spirits. Am I ready for this?  I will find out ;)  

So, I could use some prayer if you're on the same page with me about redeeming these things.  If not, I really don't need your Christian witchcraft, but I think we can all agree that I need wisdom. 


  1. Good stuff Seneca. You are grafted into the tree of life...your roots are deeply immersed in the soil, the things that are unseen, and you are stretched also above ground, where fruit grows from the tree...and the leaves were for healing. Amen.