Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Two For One Night

The other night, my sister got home and there was a teenage boy she's acquainted with out on her sidewalk pacing back and forth waiting for her to get home. He'd been in a fight and hurt his punching hand. She took him inside and got him settled down and prayed for his hand. The pain left right away and there was some other thing on the same hand that he said kept getting lighter and going away. He left and she settled in for the night when there was a knock on the door.

He was back, this time with a girl in tow, who had a broken hand. So my sister sat them down, explained that Jesus died on the cross for our healing as well as our salvation, it was available to anybody that wanted it, and she prayed for the girl's hand. She got done, asked her to check it out and the girl started to open and close her fingers. She was so excited and kept opening and closing them, then she started poking around because she could feel the break before, where the bones were separated. No break.

Then she looks directly at Jill and says, "Do you believe in 2012?" This had obviously been bugging her. Jill said "What do you mean? Like the apocalypse?"
"Yeah." She explained that the bible says that no man knows the day or the hour, but that God does give us signs of the end times." The conversation veered down some different roads from there, God's love, the book of John, Grandma's church, etc. They left really happy.

This is so ideal in my mind, where they just show up at your house, where God just shows up at your house! How cool is that? The problem is, God shows up at our houses more than He shows up in the churches. It's sad, but He's a gentleman. He doesn't go where He's not wanted, or if they wanna keep Him on the bench the whole time, He obliges. She knew when she was talking to the girl about healing, that God was just gonna have to do it. She never said maybe she'd be healed. It was a simple done deal. Woulda been awkward if He hadn't healed her. Lucky for us, He likes to do that stuff.

You can see people get healed too, start here.

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  1. People get mad at me, because God sends people to me like this, and then other people say: See what you got yourself into, you need to stop asking people to come, stop helping people, you think you can fix people.
    And I explain it's not me, and I'm not asking them to come, and I can't fix anyone including myself. Doesn't seem to to any good, then they point fingers at others, and use them as negative examples. I wish God would deliver the people around me who have a problem with how God uses me.