Thursday, February 3, 2011

What Angels Are Up To

We had a great time last Friday.  We listened to a teaching on how to pick up on the presence of angels and know what they're doing when you can't see them. This was taught by someone who discerns spirits but he doesn't "see", he senses.  Basically, he said to know what the angels function is when you can't see, you look at the end result.  What happened as a result of that angel being there.  Duh.  We're back to "By their fruits you shall know them."

But that was a perfect lesson for us because we all sense angelic activity in our meetings but we don't see.  Mom has seen an angel there once.  Looked like a man,  didn't notice any wings, really tall.

So the lesson wrapped up and we got up and prayed for a bit and sat down in our chairs and the angels extended the lesson.  They kept doing different things, I believe, to see if we would pick up on it.  I think we must be very entertaining to them.  And I don't mean entertaining in the biblical way, I think they laugh at us - a lot.  Anyway, it was really fun, everyone stayed late, and I fell asleep in my chair.  We still don't really understand what they're doing or what kind they are, but I guess that's not something you really need to know.  We are just happy to have them around.  I know this post will freak some people out.  We don't worship angels.  But we don't pretend they don't exist either.  Angels are a good thing!  God is better.  Chill.

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