Monday, January 31, 2011

Day Off With Joann McFatter

Yesterday, I left the house at 5:30 am to drive 185 miles to go to my friend's church because JoAnn McFatter was going to be there.  It's a long way to go when you have short day lengths in winter and we got into a little bit of a snowstorm, but Mom rebuked that and we had a nice sunny day from there on out.  Anyway, Joann, she's into physics now so I wanted to go hear her speak and I love her music.  My favorite album is Cloud by Day.  Sometimes you get just the right CD at just the right time in your life and that one was mine.  So I thought I was going to see Joann and I was and I did, but what was really impressive was my friend's church.  My first thought was "I thought it'd be bigger."  30-40 people in there.  Little tiny church with a big Presence.  And we got in there about 9:30 and out about 1:30 and some of you might think that that's a long time to be in church, but when it's not boring, and you have coffee, tea, and espresso available (I had a blackberry iced tea) and fresh fruit, and when you don't have pews but living room furniture and bistro tables and chairs, you might as well just move in.

BUT, the best thing was the art -everywhere - world famous paintings I'd only seen pictures of.  Paintings that if you look too long, it'll make you cry.  One of the artists was on stage painting during worship.  I kept coming back to "Why do they not have more people in here?"  The answer?  Church splits.  Somehow, I thought these people would be above all that.

Went out to lunch with my friend.  My face still hurts from laughing, then 185 miles back home. 

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