Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day

I got a book in the mail on Valentine's Day.  It's called Experiencing the Heavenly Realm and God said it was my Valentine's Day gift from Him.  The book is a collection of visions that Judy Franklin had and reveals God's love and true nature.  He is so in love with us.

It took me right back to my own Jesus experience, mine did not have as much depth as hers, but that's fine because I can keep on pursuing.  (She teaches on how to see.)  My time was no less special or life changing since I've read hers.  In fact, it's made me more confident and expectant.  I am so lovesick all over again.

If you've had all the religion you can handle and you just want Jesus, this book will get you to Him.  If you've already has a personal revelation of God's love, this book will stir that up and encourage you to go deeper.

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