Thursday, January 20, 2011

Message From God in a Dream

Last night I dreamed I was at my friends house, except it wasn't his actual house, it was up a ridge and had a big front porch and my Mom and I and someone else were sitting out there. Friends didn't seem to be home. Anyway, I saw a car come up the road and rollover in front of us. I said "There's a rollover!" (Not that anybody could miss it.) "2 rollover, 3 rollovers." I was counting out loud as it rolled 3 times. 2 people flew out of the side window that was open and landed in a pile in the ditch. We ran over and they got up, a mother and a daughter. I helped the mother to the house, the daughter was just bruised. The mother said her back hurt and she hoped she wasn't having a heart attack. I started to pray for her as we were walking in and the power of God came and I got lifted off my feet. I freaked out because I was hanging onto this lady and she was walking through the door and I was afraid I was going to bang my head but I got back down on the ground and she was looking around like "What is happening?" but she doesn't interrupt my prayer.  I got her all prayed for and then they then took off without the ambulance that Mom called. Don't know how because their car was flat.  Later, my friend was home and I said "There was a rollover here today." He said, "Man, there's always rollovers here. People are looking in their rearview mirror to see if the cops are going to get them and they don't see those potholes there."

Ok, so symbol breakdown
road up a ridge - road to spiritual growth
porch - place to watch the world
3 - perfect witness, 3 people on porch, car rolled 3 times
mother/daughter - generational stuff
back hurt - past issues hurting her
heart attack - emotional pain
Cops - enforcers of the curse of the law
potholes - the enemy's traps
What I think God is saying, is that many people are trying to move up spiritually, but don't really understand grace and and are still dealing with sins in their past and expecting judgement. Looking behind blinds them to Satan's trap in front of them and they are perpetuating this on to the next generation.  My job is to pray for those that are made obvious to me and get them back on the road.  My friend in the dream, - credible source. This particular guy used to be involved in a religion where you lived under the law, but now understands grace.  He also knows something about generational curses and self-unforgiveness, so if he is saying this is a rampant problem, I will regard what he's saying as true.
Are you hurting from your past, are you feeling guilty and ashamed?  It's no accident you're reading this.  God is not mad at you.  The only thing God is upset about is that you're hurting.  The Bible says that if you ask for forgiveness,  He separates you from your sin as far as the east is from the west and he doesn't remember it anymore.  It's not even a part of you.  
I'm sensing someone reading this is a Christian, has already repented, but is still carrying past hurts and guilt. Pray this prayer, out loud, Satan needs to hear you make this choice.  "Father I repent of all my sins and I accept your forgiveness.  I choose to forgive myself.   I ask you Jesus, to wash my feet with your Blood that the power of all my sins are broken.  I ask you Lord to heal all the pain that these sins have caused, heal my heart, heal my soul, heal those that I have sinned against.  I cancel and strip all rights of Satan to torment us for these sins.  I bind and cast all demons that have just lost their rights to afflict me to the feet of Jesus and say that they may never return. And Father, I turn my heart toward You.  I choose to enter your Presence clean and pure by the Blood of Jesus.  I ask you to be the peace, love and joy within me today.  In Jesus' name, amen."
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  1. Seneca, you are further along in God than you even realize. I so enjoy your raw, funny, deep and amazing insights that you have found in your personal relationship with Christ!
    Keep writing and sharing with us, it makes me hungry for more of HIM~


  2. Awww thanks Donna! Glad somebody is reading!