Monday, June 17, 2013

Paranormal Connections

You may or may not be aware of my involvement with "Now Interpret This!"  We teach dream interpretation and prophetic ministry, as well as provide a dream interpretation service for regular folks who need it and/or want to support our outreaches. We have always had interns scattered all over the country, or even the world, but I recently got assigned an intern that is not unreasonably far away from me.  We can actually get together in person every once in awhile. 

Our last get-together was to take a trip to a new age fair.  We are looking at places to get some practice and break out of ministry to only Christians.  We found out about this opportunity too late but decided to go anyway and make some friends and see if this is something we would want to do next year. 

We walked through and were seemingly invisible to all except a little paranormal girl.  She was overseeing a booth for the local Paranormal Society and had lots of photos set up on the table.  If you've followed this blog long, you know I'm all over that!  I book it on over there and she's showing me all her spirit photography.  The first one I looked at had a picture of a guy sitting on some stairs and a baby stroller next to him and a dark spirit looming over the stroller.  Looked like Darth Vader, I kid you not. 

So I'm looking at em and I go "Hey! Are you guys good at telling what's real and what's fake?"  She goes "Yeah!"  I say "Good, cause I got lots!"

Much to my intern's amusement, I invite myself behind the table, sit down next to her and excitedly start pulling out angel pictures, fire coming out of the bible pictures, burning bushes etc.  I was too busy pointing and explaining to see her reaction.  She verified them as real by the way, or at least she couldn't see any of the normal lighting/camera rationalizations, and I was trying to pick her brain about what can cause a camera to do weird stuff.  I don't want to be putting stuff out there if its not real.

Anyway, I got invited to hang out with them.  After getting connected on Facebook, it looks like they mostly hang out in graveyards.  I'll probably pass.  We went from there to coffee with a guy who wanted to talk to us about having a dream interpretation booth at 12 Days of Praise, which is an entirely Christian audience.  Talk about a juxtaposition.

In more efforts to break out into a different audience, we added an extra live chat to our site.  I invited strictly people who consult physics, astrologers, tarot readers and such.  Out of 130 sign ups, 4 showed. One of them informed me that our event was the same time as Paranormal Connections and she was trying to keep an eye on both. As time went on, she started engaging more and more with us.  She has a prophetic intercessory gifting, she doesn't know what that is, but I explained it in non-religious language.  She eventually revealed her real name and asked to connect outside of chat, so we're talking.  She wants to use her gift the right way, and is tired of the torment of not being able to stop what she sees happening.  For now, she tells me what she sees, I pray and declare, and she stands in agreement. 

So yeah, fun fun!  And maybe the paranormal people are my new demographic?  I could handle that!

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