Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Crosses

These were taken in sequence during Wed night worship. We didn't see the cross with our eyes, but we've been taking pictures randomly cause cool stuff shows up on camera.

Did ya notice the color change?  We took a whole bunch of photos, every other one is purple.
The really bright part at the bottom of the cross is a coffee maker light.


Another cross over a menorah.

More and more photos like these are surfacing.  I don't know if God is just getting more and more in-your-face about things and revealing His glory, or if it's that we're catching on to the idea that this stuff can be photographed, or if it's due to the cameras in phones just being so handy.  I know we've started keeping a camera handy and that's why we have these photos.  Get some worship going in your house and start taking your own!  Or if you know me personally, you're welcome to come to our meetings with your camera, but I'm gonna want copies of whatever you get!

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  1. When you enter into the glory.. Heaven opens up.. :) - Jeanette Kiele