Sunday, March 6, 2011

Adventures in Prophetic Evangelism

(Preface:  I am new at this!)

I'm learning to use my senses in the spirit realm and some senses work better than others for me.  I see some, but don't always believe my eyes, I hear some, but I miss a lot, I can feel sometimes, mostly just Friday night meetings, but I can SMELL!  I have no trouble smelling in spirit realm or trusting my schnoz.  The nose knows man!  The biggest problem is always ruling out anything in the natural that I might be picking up on instead. 

So I have a customer at my work that whenever I go to her door, which is everyday, I get hit by this rose smell.  It's winter time, so that's odd, and it can be storming and blowing or whatever and the smell is even more pronounced.  Months of this go by and I'm just enjoying the roses when I get there and kinda wondering but not really pressing into finding out what this is all about.  I was kinda looking around for a reasonable explanation, looking for porch potpourii (hey, you never know what people do) and I hadn't found anything.  So last week I said "Ok, God, what's with the roses?"  And I had a vision of Jesus standing at her door with roses waiting for her to let Him in.  My first thought was "Oh no, He's been out there a long time!"  Well duh, she's probably in her 50's, but it's different when you think of Him killing time up in heaven, vs. standing out in wind and rain and snow and hail.

So now I have some responsibility here because I was shown.  And I have very little dealing with this lady because I just drop her stuff off and run.  Sometimes I see her on the street and we say hi.  I think she's a seer because she looks at me like seers look at me and I wonder what she's seeing.  I figure she's a new ager, which is good, cause they do not think you're nuts for having visions, so the easiest way will be for me to come right out and tell her that Jesus has been hanging around her door for awhile and she might wanna let Him in.   

So, I'm waiting for my opportunity.  A couple days go by, no opportunity.  I don't wanna just let this pass.  Then yesterday, she came down her driveway to talk to me.  I said "Hey, do you have something rose-scented by your door?"  She goes "What?" As if I am a crazy person, so I repeat the question.  She doesn't have any secret roses out there so I say, "Ok, then it was what I thought I saw then."  Oooo, she's hooked now!  She's leaning forward and asking me what it was!  So I explain the whole deal with my spiritual senses and the rose thing and then asking God what it was and then the vision and she is actually taking me seriously.  I get done telling and her eyes got really big and she starts to tell me what she saw!  She saw Jesus in a rainbow over her house.  So then we are acting like crazy people in the driveway yelling and hugging and jumping up and down.  So she's on Cloud 9 and I'm trying to figure out where I go from here.  I have a little better feel for where she's at.  She's cool with Jesus, but doesn't see Him as the one way, or realize her need for repentance.  So I think this will be a process and a to-be-continued story...

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  1. I got a phone call today from a friend who read this, and made one of his friends read it. His friend knew exactly who this lady is while reading the blog because she is his friend that he's been witnessing to for years. Anyway, he wasn't getting anywhere and had decided to just turn it over to prayer because she had been rejecting everything. After I had shared my vision with her, she had gone over to his house and told him about what I said to her. I would love to tell you that he led her to salvation, but that encouraged me that she didn't dismiss it immediatly. He told my friend that it was an answer to prayer for him that someone else would step in and be able to talk to her.